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Optimizing Impact with Common Approach

Cigarbox is happy to partner with Common Approach to help non-profits and government agencies optimize their investments for social, cultural, environmental and economic impact. We have more than 10 years of experience helping program and portfolio managers make funding and investment choices with logic, transparency and consistency; we are looking forward to putting that to work in partnership with Common Approach. ​

Our frameworks and dashboards are customized to your goals- no 'off the rack' solutions. We provide dynamically updated impact information, fine-tuned to your work, giving you all the information you need to measure, report and steer your impact.

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Who We Help

Cigarbox typically works with clients who:

  • Support or manage programs with 10 – 200 projects per year

  • Have long term social, economic, environmental or financials goals

  • Our typical clients are welfare foundations, government institutions, cultural foundations, unions, ngo's and financial institutions.

  • Programs can be in one sector or cross sectoral (such as: arts and culture, well-being/preventive health, sports, education and literacy)

  • Approach impact as a core goal, not a nice-to-have, and who want to improve their impact year over year

- what would have happened anyway

= Impact

Leading Indicators


Resources used by the organization (financial, physical and human resources)


The organization's primary activitities


Direct products or services stemming from the activities within the control of the organization


Change that is influenced by but not within the control of the organization

Customized Logical Framework

The Common Approach standard is based on a logical framework that defines the relationships between input, activity, indicator, output, outcome and Impact.

Creating a customized logical framework, with indicators, typically takes 3-4 brainstorm sessions. This provides a strong basis for the impact dashboard and makes future impact management easy. Cigarbox helps you formulate: 

  • Your organization's desired impacts, outcomes and outputs

  • Activity characteristics of your projects

  • Underlying indicators and data sources


Design Your Impact Dashboard

Based on a complete logical framework Cigarbox customizes your impact dashboard, taking into account

  • Desired impact goals, outcomes and outputs

  • Activity characteristics of your projects

  • Underlying indicators and data sources

Design and Collect Survey Data

Collect survey data directly in the dashboard, providing information from participants on:

  • Their background and experience

  • The impact the project had on them

  • The quality of the project


Project managers add information about:

  • Project goals

  • Type of project

  • Target group/audience

  • Costs

  • (Expected) Impact


Instant Impact reports for each project make it easy to:

  • Understand how a project contributes to the impact goals

  • Report findings to funders, partners, and other stakeholders

  • Identify the success/ failure factors of projects


The program overview provides insight into:

  • How much each project contributes to your impact goals

  • An apples-to-apples comparison of projects' impact per dollar

  • Benchmarking with relevant projects and/or programs

Our Work

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